Grading and Senior Class Rank

Weighting of Grades

Whereas it is the goal of the Florida Union Free School District to develop students of strong intellect and independence, the following policy that relates to the grading practices employed by our teaching faculty shall be in effect:

1. The following system will be adhered to in relation to the weighting of courses for the calculation of grades as reported to students:

  • College Courses    1.10
  • Honors Courses (if offered)    1.05
  • Regents and All Others    1.00

2. The following classes shall be weighted by a factor of 1.05 upon successfully passing the course and the required Regents/final examination. This shall take effect for the 2009-2010 school year and thereafter:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Algebra II
  • Spanish 4
  • HS Pre-Calculus
  • HS Calculus

The Quarterly Grades, Year-to-Date Average, and Final Grade which appear on the report card will be un-weighted calculations.

Grading Policy

1. Final and Regents examinations shall be counted toward the final class average as follows:

  • 20% for the 2008-2009 school year and every year thereafter.

In courses that do not end in a Regents examination, a locally developed and rigorous final examination will be administered and counted as stated above. If the student fails to take the required final exam, a score of zero will be entered and counted toward the computation of the final average.

In certain circumstances, the Principal will have the discretion to review final exam scores to determine their validity and reliability.

2. A uniform grading policy of 80% / 20% will guide teacher practice in computing student grades:

  • 80% of the marking period average will be derived from in-class work, such as quizzes, tests and projects.
  • 20% of the marking period grade will be comprised of homework and effort.

Additionally, the marking period average must be based upon a minimum of ten assignments and grades.

Senior Class Rank

Senior class rank is computed at the end of the junior year and at the end of the seventh semester. The seventh semester ranking is the official ranking for the graduating class.

All credit-bearing courses, with the exception of Physical Education, are used in calculating the grade point average. Students who transfer into S. S. Seward for senior year will not be included in class rank.

Students who graduate early shall be ranked with the graduating class for class ranking purposes