Advanced Programs of Study

Advanced Placement Program

The Advanced Placement Program, in conjunction with the Educational Testing Service of Princeton, New Jersey, is designed to offer capable students an opportunity to earn college credit while in high school.  College credit is dependent upon the student’s performance on the Advanced Placement Examination and the college or university’s Advanced Placement credit policy.  All examination costs are the responsibility of the students. All students must sit for the exam to receive AP designation on the transcript.   The Advanced Placement Examinations are administered each year in May.


College Experience Program

The College in High School Program offered at S. S. Seward provides an opportunity for a junior or senior to take college level classes at a local college.  To be eligible for this program, the student must:

  • Maintain an overall academic average of 85%
  • Receive approval from a member of the Seward faculty that teaches the subject that corresponds to the college course that the student wishes to attend.
  • Submit a written request from the student and parent/guardian.  This proposal must be made to the Guidance Office no later than four weeks prior to registration of the college course.
  • File College Experience applications with the College through the Guidance Office.
  • Assume responsibility for transportation and payment of tuition to attend the college course.  Written permission for a student to use their personal vehicle must be submitted to the Guidance Office before registration for the college course.


Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA)

Qualified juniors and seniors can receive college credit in various courses offered in conjunction with Syracuse University’s Project Advance Program.  College tuition, books and fees are the responsibility of the student.


Community College in the High School Program (CCHS)

S. S. Seward, in collaboration with SUNY Orange, offers a select group of courses in English, Mathematics, United States History, Government and Science for college credit.  Approved college credit bearing courses available at S. S. Seward are provided in the course selection guide.  These courses are offered to juniors and seniors who meet specific eligibility requirements and are based on student requests.  College tuition, books and fees are the responsibility of the student.


BOCES Academic Offerings

BOCES integrated academic offerings include Technical Reading and Writing, AIS, Art, Technical Math, Technical Science, Health, and Introduction to Occupations.


Virtual High School

The Virtual High School offers a variety of courses exclusively online.  These courses are taught by instructors from all over the country.  Independent learners wanting an online educational experience may want to consider these courses.  Available offerings will be advertised during the course selection process.


Distance Learning

Courses delivered via Distance Learning can occur on site, or through the use of digital equipment to offer teacher instruction in real-time for electives not offered in a traditional classroom  The District is considering these courses to begin with the 2019-2020 school year.   Examples would include: World Language and Electives.