Art Education


The Art Program consists of courses that develop students’ creative ability and visual communication skills.  Students will participate in hands-on art studio activities that explore the use of a wide variety of   two-dimensional and three-dimensional art materials.

Art Education Course Descriptions

Studio in Art
Grades 9 – 12
1 credit

This course provides an introduction to the nature, function, and techniques of the visual arts in the present and in the past.  The elements of art and the principles of design will be explored through various media.  Emphasis is placed on learning to draw.  Successful completion of this course will meet the one unit of credit graduation requirement in art.  Studio in Art must be taken prior to Studio in Drawing & Painting and Independent Study in Art.


Studio in Drawing and Painting
Grades 10 – 12
1 credit


  • Studio in Art

This is an advanced course that may be elected after a student has completed Studio in Art and desires to participate in advanced study in the area of drawing and painting.  The first section of the program introduces a foundation of exploratory experiences in drawing and painting.   The remainder of the year is devoted to building a strong background in the student’s chosen area of concentration.


Creative Crafts
Grades 9 – 12
1 credit

This course is a year-long introduction to the fundamentals of three-dimensional design through the creation of crafts using various materials.  Successful completion of Creative Crafts will meet the one unit of credit graduation requirement in art.


Independent Study in Art
Grades 11 – 12
1 credit

This course is for the gifted student who has successfully completed Studio in Art and Studio in Drawing and Painting.  This is a highly specialized and individualized course for a student to explore an area of art in depth.  Interested students must receive prior approval from the art teacher and school counselor.