Public Conduct on School Property

The Board of Education recognizes that the primary purpose of the School District is to provide a superior atmosphere for learning and education. Any action by an individual or group(s) aimed at disrupting, interfering with or delaying the education process or having such effect, is prohibited. The Board also recognizes its responsibility to protect school property and declares its intent to take any and all legal action to prevent its damage or destruction.  The Board will also seek restitution from, and prosecution of, any person or persons who willfully damage school property.

These rules govern the conduct of students, parents, faculty and other staff, other visitors, licensees, invitees, and all other persons, whether or not their presence is authorized, upon district property, and also upon or with respect to any other premises or property (including school buses) under the control of the District and used in its instructional programs, administrative, cultural, recreational, athletic, and other programs and activities, whether or not conducted on school premises.