Computer and Internet Use

The following prohibited use of District-owned computer drives, network facilities and Internet links may give rise to disciplinary action against users of such equipment and/or facilities:

1.  E-mail originating from the school premises or received at the school premises that a student user creates that:

  • is lewd, vulgar, obscene, indecent or inappropriate for student recipients of certain ages;
  • conveys an imminent threat of violence, including sexual violence, to a specific individual or individuals;
  • constitutes a state and/or federal crime;
  • is the cause of or a substantial contributing factor to a substantial interference with the orderly functioning of the school(s);
  •  attributes the text of e-mail to school officials or that the text is school endorsed, unless there is such official endorsement or consent from school officials;

2. Internet use that circumvents access restrictions placed upon the District’s computer systems by the Board of Education or its administrative designee(s).

3. Computer and/or Internet use that is not school related or is unauthorized.

4. Permitting the use of a student’s computer access code by any other person and such student shall assume responsibility for occurrences in violation of this code of conduct that occurs under the student’s access code number.

5. Computer use (or other electronic communication device) that constitutes cyberbullying as defined under the Dignity for All Students Act.