Warwick Valley Rotary invests in our students’ futures

Fourth-grade students at Golden Hill were pretty thrilled recently to receive a dictionary of their very own, courtesy of the Warwick Valley Rotary Club.

A boy with blonde hair sits at a table with his dictionary open. He is wearing a blue jacket.

A girl with long dark hair, wearing a green sweatshirt has a paperback dictionary open on her desk. He is pointing to words in the dictionary. There is a green water bottle on the desk as well.













The Rotary Dictionary Project is a nationwide effort, providing elementary students with their own personal dictionaries. The goal of the program is to assist all students in becoming better writers, active readers and creative thinkers. Dictionaries also help students improve their communication skills.

The Warwick Valley Rotary has been participating in the Dictionary Project for several years. This year, Rotary members presented dictionaries to each fourth-grade student at Golden Hill in person. It’s become a tradition the students look forward to. Many students use that dictionary for years to come!

A huge thank you to the Warwick Valley Rotary for their generosity to our Golden Hill fourth-grade students. Your investment in their future is most appreciated.

A fourth-grade student with shoulder-length dark hair, wearing a red long-sleeve shirt and black vest, pages through a paperback dictionary.A girl with shoulder-length brown hair wearing an orange jacket has her elbows on the table and holds up her new dictionary, reading it.