Celebrating Nurse Lysack with a flower shower

A girl wearing a button down light purple spring coat holds a spray of pink flowers. She has dark hair up in a clip and is smiling as she comes from the school bus. An elementary age boy wearing blue jeans and a gray hoodie holds a red rose as he gets off a bus.







Wednesday, May 11, is National School Nurse Day where we honor those who take care of our students each day. At Golden Hill today, Nurse Marlene Lysack walked into a big surprise – a flower shower!

A little girl, with dark hair pulled back and a blue mask, holds a bouquet of red tulips as she comes off a school bus.

An older elementary school girl withlong blonde hair, wearing a denim jacket and a backpack, smiles as she holds a yellow sunflower.









Students were asked to bring in a single flower today to honor Mrs. Lysack  – they could pick it from their garden, buy one at a grocery story or even bring a dandelion! The hope was to create a big bouquet for Mrs. Lysack. Well, the response was overwhelming! There were hundreds of flowers, all different colors and types, enough for a dozen bouquets.

A cart with two levels that are filled with flowers. NExt to it is a table with flowers on top of it and below the table are three buckets filled with flowers.

The students put them in vases and containers on a cart by the main office when they entered school. When those filled up, Principal Debbi Lisack gathered some big buckets from a home improvement store and some of them filled up!

An orange paper flower with a yellow center. There is a note attached saying Mrs. Lysack, Thanks for being a great nurse. You help a lot of kids this year. Your Fried Jameson .

A close up of a card that has a pink butterly on it and says Smile Nurse Lysack Thank







Mrs. Lysack received gifts and cards, in addition to the countless flowers. Some classes even created booklets with drawings and kind sentiments to their school nurse.

An open booklet with a drawing of an adult and a child. The writing says. Whenever I feel sick Nurse Lysack always helps me. Your friend Abby.

Mrs. Lysack was certainly humbled by this grand “flower shower” gesture.

“This is amazing,” she said. “My mom always said to take time to smell the flowers. She said it’s like having a garden inside. This is beautiful.”

A group of seven fifth-grade girls stand with a woman.All are smiling. There are lots of flowers in front of them.


Two women stand in the center of bunches of flowers. Both are smiling.