Our SRPs rock!

Let’s hear it for our awesome SRPs! That’s school-related professionals to those who don’t know. They are crucial to our school community – clerical, aides, Food Services personnel, custodial staff and bus drivers.

Two women stand together with their arm around each other. The woman on the left has her hair pulled back and is wearin g alight blue mask, brown jacket and scarf. The woman on the right has long brown hair and is wearing a blue mask, orange and black sweater.

The Florida Teachers Association presented our SRPs with gifts while our teachers brought breakfast for all. We value you and appreciate all that you do to make the Florida Union Free School District a special place! SRPs rock!

Two women. One standing in the back with shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair, wearing a denim jacket and a black mask. The women in front is sitting. She has long blonde hair and is wearing a light blue mask and blue sweater.

A drawing of a woman pulling open her buttondown shirt to reveal another with a superman type logo that says SRPs Rock. Thank an SRP today!