Medication and students

New York State education law provides guidelines that regulate protocols that must be followed before any medication (prescribed and over-the-counter medications including creams, cough drops, etc.) can be given to a child at school. The law requires that the following be provided:

  • Health care provider’s permission for administration of medicated which indicates the student’s name, date of birth, the name of the medication, dosage and route of administration, frequency and time of administrations, conditions under which the medication should be administered if only prescribed “as needed,” date written, and the prescriber’s name, title, signature, and phone number.
  • Medication in original container with original or pharmacy label.
  • Parent/guardian signed and dated permission note for your child to receive the prescribed medication at school.
  • Medication and any needed supplies or equipment for administration is to be brought to school by a parent/guardian or adult designated to assume that responsibility.
  • No medication should be sent to school without the school nurse being notified – student safety is at risk.

Parents/guardians or designated adults are responsible for picking up unused or discontinued medication from the health office. Medication disposal recommendations from the NYSDEC will be followed for remaining medication.

Please advise the school nurses about updates and changes regarding your child’s health condition that requires the administration of the prescribed medication at school. Communication with the school nurse will provide information which may assist your health care with your child’s health management.