Golden Hill Principal Lisack spreads her love of reading with First Class Minds Preschool

Golden Hill Principal Debbi Lisack took a little field trip over to First Class Minds Preschool, just a mile and a half from her school. There, Principal Lisack did one of her favorite things – she read to the students!

A woman in a red shirt sits on the floor and holds a book that says ABC on the front of it, open to a group of smaller preschoolers. They are also on the floor. One little boy is up on his knees pointing to the book.

She started with the toddler group – kids ages 2-3 – then went to the older kids. They thoroughly enjoyed ABC by Dr. Seuss as well as The N

A woman in a red shirt holding up the ABC ook. A group of preschool children are sitting on the floor listening. One little girl is sitting up on her knees and smiling.

Mrs. Lisack is always thrilled to be invited to the preschool. She is very animated in her reading to the students, and many recognize her because their older siblings attend Golden Hill. Of course, her love of reading is legendary. It’s something she shares with her students at Golden Hill as well as those at First Class Minds Preschool who may be Golden Hill students someday

A woman in a red shirt, with short dark hair, holds up a book with a large red animal on the pages. A group of older preschoolers are sitting listening.

She will be back to this very happy, joyful place, that’s for sure.

A preschool student smiles and gives a high five to a woman in a red shirt with a large blue foam hand on. There are other kids around looking and smiling.