2019-20 Budget approve by voters

2019-20 budget approved by voters

five laughing middle school girls at the cafeteria table

On Tuesday, May 21, 2019, Florida voters approved the district budget for 2019-20 by a vote of 381 yes votes to 164 no votes.

Voters also elected three members to the board of education: Sue Wheeler (3 year term), Meg Sgombick (3 year term) and Coleen Connolly (1 year term).

Through careful planning, the $22,687,220 spending plan minimized the increase in the tax levy to 1.5 percent, far under Florida’s allowable increase of 2.2 percent. The tax levy is the total amount of money a school district can raise through property taxes.

Budget highlights

  • Creates a distance learning classroom to expand student opportunities
  • Adds a special education teacher to enhance instructional services
  • Certified athletic trainer services for interscholastic sports, making athletics safer and healthier
  • Additional social and emotional support services for students
  • School safety and security is enhanced
  • Continued investment in classroom technology
  • Replacement of 19-year-old facilities truck