District Teaching and Learning Guidelines for Mandated Covid-19 Quarantine Students

In the event we are ordered by state or local agencies to close school due to an emergency, the district may shift to remote instruction. In the event of a class quarantine or school-wide shutdown, all students will livestream with their teachers following the schedule provided to them by their teacher.

Instruction will be provided for any student(s) who are required to quarantine by the local health department due to contact tracing. This is considered a “mandated quarantine.”

For students in grades pre-K to 2, students will receive (1) hour of remote instruction by a certified teacher for each day in quarantine. In addition, students who are required to quarantine may be provided with asynchronous work (work that students will complete independently at home) by the classroom teacher when applicable.

Students in grades 3 to 12 have the capacity to listen and monitor daily class lessons for each day they are quarantined. This temporary remote instruction is only for those individuals in a mandated quarantine.

Remote instruction is only for those in mandated quarantine, that is quarantine due to a positive COVID-19 test or a required quarantine due to exposure to a confirmed case.

  • Instruction can incorporate a combination of asynchronous and synchronous
  • Google Classroom will be used to post all assignments.
  • Students will have the capacity to listen to and monitor class lessons which will be conducted via Google Meet using the student’s district-issued Chromebook.
  • Teachers may present necessary lesson information through Google Meet presentation mode.
  • Students will use email to contact teachers should they have questions regarding class lessons or assignments.
  • Lesson materials may also be sent home to students.
  • Students will continue to receive accommodations as per their Section 504 Plan or IEP and all out-of-district students will follow their program’s plan.
  • The district has created a list of approved programs and applications. In order to comply with state and federal privacy regulations and to protect student
    personal identifiable information (PII), teachers are required to use software solutions, applications and other technology platforms approved by the district.
  • Teachers and students can use the FUFSD portal for easy access to associated software platforms.