World beatbox champion empowers S.S. Seward students to use their voice

Kaila Mullady, a two-time world beatbox champion, performed Friday, Sept. 15, in two separate sessions of middle school and high school classes at S.S. Seward, with the purpose of inspiring youth to find the power of their voice, stand up for what they believe in, and chase their dreams.

She is passionate about teaching others how to beatbox through her Beatbox Education Platform, The Academy of Noise.

“I would consider myself more of a facilitator than a teacher,” explains Mullady, “because I don’t think I have that much to teach the kids. Everybody has their own superpowers and I just want to help people feel confident enough to realize what their superpowers are.”

Mullady has performed all over the world infusing beatboxing, singing, rapping and theater to push the boundaries of creativity and show just what the human instrument is capable of.

See a video of her in action at S.S. Seward here:

“These kids learn storytelling, how to freestyle, but really, they learn how to find the power of their voice…how to feel confident just sharing yourself and being present in the moment,” said Mullady, sharing with the Florida students the benefits of beatboxing. “I think those are the greatest gifts that these art forms, especially when put together, offer people.”

“We can take what these kids were told they’re not good at, and then we give them superpowers,” Kaila said. “You could see the excitement on their faces.”