Watching our food grow at Golden Hill

Golden Hill kindergartners are getting into gardening! They recently planted some seeds and plants in their garden and can’t wait to harvest veggies and fruit, like peas and strawberries, and herbs like cilantro.

Two students, a boy and a girl, plant seeds in a garden.


A man leans over and helps a young student plant a plant in a garden bed.


A little girl wearing a black t shirt plants a plant in the garden bed. She is looking very intently at her hands in the dirt and the plant.



This is an annual event. The young students take the process the whole way – planting, watering, watching to see their plants mature. Then they eat the fruits of their labor. It’s a great way for them to learn just where their food comes from!


A little girl wearing a light green tshirt puts her hands in the dirt as she plants a plant.


A girl with long blonde hair puts her hands in the dirt of a garden bed. There are plants next to her.


A group of about 20 kindergarten students sit around a large raised garden bed on a beautiful sunny day. There is a man at the center talking to them.