Walking and reading and encouragement – all at once!

Golden Hill fourth-grade students got some exercise and some reading in all at the same. They walked the Story Walk, an area near the school where books are posted along a trail, opened to different pages. They walk, run, skip, hop – however they wish to travel – and then stop at each post to read the next pages of the story.

Two elementary age boys stand on a path with trees around them looking at a book open on a wooden post.

This day they read “The Magical Yet,” a story by Angela DiTerlizzi with art by Lorena Alvarez. We all have things we can’t do…yet! Can’t ride a bike? Yet! Can’t tie your shoes? Don’t worry, it’ll happen. Keep plugging away because you’ll get there. You just aren’t there YET!

An elementary age student wearing black shorts and black t shirt holding a blue water bottle and having shoulderlength hair, reads a page from a book that is on a wooden stand. She is on a path with trees all around her.

A big thank you to the Florida Public Library which provides the wonderful books for our students on the Story Walk.

The Magical Yet is an uplifting book, filled with hope and encouragement. We can all use hope and encouragement!

A boy about 9 years old wearing a blue baseball cap, blue shirt and gray shorts stands with his hand on his hip. He is reading a page of a book that is on a wooden stand. He is on a trail and there are trees around him.