Technology learning delivers engineering feats and classroom upgrades

You probably think “airport” when you hear the words “conveyor belt.” But the conveyor belt Mr. Pekny’s students are building in the principles of engineering class looks more like a roller coaster for marbles.

Putting their electrical and mechanical engineering skills to the test, students built the wooden frame for the project and the downward ramps that direct the marbles at a controlled speed down a funnel. Using PVC pipes they created channels to guide the marbles through a wheel and pulley system and are now working on the motor that will propel the marbles back up to the top of the conveyor belt to restart the cycle.

Other projects in the works in Mr. Pekny’s technology lab and workshop include a squirrel enclosure designed by students Jared and Maxx to house Mrs. Tartaglione’s pet squirrel, and classroom improvement projects by the eighth graders. They include a workbench table top and a clamp rack for tools.