Board of Education sets new goals

Board of Education members, district and school administrators set district-wide goals and objectives to provide the best possible education for students of the Florida Union Free School District.

Board goals and objectives are reviewed annually to ensure their continued alignment with the district’s commitment to meeting the needs of all students while being accountable to stakeholders.

With the district’s vision and values in mind, officials review specific data to identify areas of strength and concern, and work together to develop an action plan with measurable targets.

Goals of the Florida UFSD Board of Education for 2019-20:

  1. Provide engaging teaching and learning experiences for all students.
    1. Develop maps of relevant and rigorous curriculum for all content areas.
    2. Utilize data to review progress and establish measurable goals.
    3. Provide high quality professional development activities.
    4. Review special education programs.
  2. Strengthen communication with the community through strategic planning and district publications.
  3. Enhance social and emotional wellness through district-wide approach.
  4. Provide a safe environment with current policies, plans and practices.

Adopted by the BOE on December 19, 2019