Songs of the season and wonderful artwork at Seward

Seward’s artists and musicians had a marvelous night Monday, with the winter concert and art show.

A man whose back is to the camer, plays guitar. In front of him is a group of students mostly dressed in black singing. They are in a large gymnasium.


A line of seven students playing wind instruments - horns and saxophones. A couple of the students have festive hats and headbands on.

The sounds of our singers and musicians were amazing as they performed songs of the season for a very appreciative audience.

A young man dressed in black and a black mask, holds two musical hammers over a glockenspiel. There are other musicians around him.

A middle school student with long blonde  hair and wearing red antlers. She has half a smile on her face.








A middle school student with long dark hair and glasses, wearing a white shirt, smiles from behind a music stand. There are two students behind her, holding instruments.

A woman with short dark hair, wearing glasses and a mask and a black and white sweater, plays a black piano.






A painting on an easel. It is mostly a blue background with a streetlamp. Under the streetlamp is a couple hugging each other holding a red umbrella.

Two drawings done in black and white. The one on the left is a snake and th eone on the right is a zebra.

A table with a dark blue table cloth and three handmade masks on it. One is a white dog, the one in the center looks like a chicken and the one on the left is half blue and half red and black.

A wall with four different colorful


Our artists were equally admired as their drawings and sculptures were on display for all to enjoy.

Seasons greetings to all!