Seward students build the sweetest houses of all

Students in Brittany Smith’s Family and Consumer Science program built gingerbread houses recently. Small groups designed each house then went about building them. There were many revisions along the way!

Three high school boys all wearing masks build a gingerbread house. The boy in the center is giving two thumbs up.

Three high school girls building a gingerbread house. The girl on the right is decorating it. All are wearing masks.









A high school girl, dressed in black with long dark hair, decorates an almost completed gingerbread house. It is very colorful.

Two high school boys build a gingerbread house.












Two high school boys decorate a gingerbread house. It is almost complete and has SALOON written in candy above it.


The back of one of the gingerbread houses shows steps to a porch.






The finished products were on display in Ms. Smith’s classroom and staff members were invited to come by and vote for their favorite. The winning house was built by Hannah Perez, Alysana Pecorilli, Alexiss Carmack and Cricket Carey! It was very detailed and colorful.

The winning gingerbread house has lots of colorful candies along the roof, a chimney, a snowman on the porch.