Golden Hill Principal’s Corner

February 2020

Hello everyone!  February is here already! We are now in our 6th month of school!

We’ve been busy at Golden Hill Elementary! Some of our recent and upcoming experiences include:

  • Bring a Friend to Lunch for Grade 2 – our cafeteria was packed with happy students & families. It continues to be awesome to see!
  • Harvest Day with ShopRite – Some great foods introduced to students.
  • We celebrated World Read Aloud Day with numerous authors. Our students were so lucky to hear real authors describe their books and read to them.
  • We are celebrating Kindness Week with many activities supporting being kind.
  • We are celebrating 100 days of School. Can you believe 100 days already?
  • Our PE teachers are supporting Jump Rope for the Heart/Kids Heart Challenge with rope-jumping exercises in PE classes. They teach our students that any form of movement that works your muscles and uses more energy than resting is so important for heart health! Nurse Lysack loves this!
  • TREP$ marketplace is coming soon, as well as our Science Symposium.   Come out to support our students. You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you everyone for your continued support! Stay healthy!

Debbi Lisack

January 2020

Happy New Year to all of our families at Golden Hill!

Isn’t it hard to believe that 2020 is here? May everyone have new hopes, aspirations and resolutions for the coming year!

Some highlights of our busy December were:

  • The Village Tree Lighting was especially brightened by the beautiful singing of our second-grade carolers!
  • Our Golden Hill Winter Concert offered splendid musical and choral entertainment.
  • Our very First Dance Party Fun event brought out tons of laughs and some serious dance moves!

When we provide opportunities for all our students, we awaken and empower them to pursue passions they might not have known existed.

Thank you everyone for your continued support! We are looking forward to a fantastic 2020 year!

Debbi Lisack

November-December 2019

Hello everyone! We cannot believe that December is here!  

Thank you to everyone—students, families and friends—who helped us make November a fantastic fall month here at Golden Hill! Our November highlight  was witnessing the cutting down of the tree for Rockefeller Center. We were so excited to be able to participate!  

The kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast and Show was beautiful! Under Mrs. Risedorph’s tutelage, along with the support of our kindergarten teachers, our K-students put on an amazing show. They sang their little hearts out!  

We look forward to more events in December which include:

  • Dec. 3: Bring a Friend to Lunch 
  • Dec. 6: Snack & Chat with Principal and PTA 
  • Dec. 6: Village Tree Lighting at 4 p.m.
  • Dec. 8: Annual Winter Concert
  • Dec. 14: PTA Cocoa & Cookies 

To everyone in our school community, and from all of us here at Golden Hill, have a beautiful and peaceful holiday season with family and friends!  

Remember Winter Recess starts on Monday, Dec. 23.  Students return to school on Monday, January 6. We will see you in the New Year 2020!

Debbi Lisack

October 2019

Students interact with nutritionist as they try a new food. Principal Lisack stand behind them taking a photo with her phone. It’s Autumn on Golden Hill! We have learned a lot about our school life and expectations, and enjoyed many of the season’s activities, with many more to go.

Our friends with the Florida Fire District rolled out another great day of fire safety and prevention education and we hosted our monthly Harvest Day exposing students to new, healthy foods. We’re now in the midst of celebrating Spirit Week and grade 5 will Bring a Friend to Lunch this Friday.  Next, we are looking forward to Red Ribbon Week, the PTA Trunk or Treat, Parent-Teacher Conferences,  and the PTA Book Fair.

Great things I’ve seen at Golden Hill in recent weeks:

  • Students book shopping, Flashlight Fridays, Apple tastings
  • Lots of reading all around, in every class
  • Read-Aloud events with great picture-book themes
  • Menu Math in grade 5
  • Students giving a great effort during MAP testing
  • Students doing visual math
  • Abstract art creations
  • Nursery rhymes coming alive
  • Math in art class
  • Grade 1 butterfly release
  • Greek Mythology coming alive in grade 4 ELA
  • Lots of students and staff smiling
  • Great phone calls with students’ families
  • Great positive postcards sent home.
  • We were all busy, engaged, and having fun in learning!

Debbi Lisack