One hundred days smarter

A large bulletin board with a white background and pink and red hearts in the shape of 100. There are two small hearts below it and a sign that says 100 reasons to love our school and kindergarten.

Friday, Feb. 11 was the 100th day of school! Yippee! It’s such a milestone…and a tremendous opportunity to up those math skills! Classes in the younger grades did just that – counting, organizing and having fun while doing it.

Two young elementary age students. One is standing and the other is sitting at a table. In front of them are small objects for counting. They are both wearing masks.

A few red and pink hearts with messages of what the children love: Mrs. Lysack, friends, my mom works here, being safe and jump rope.

A red heart on left and pink one on right. They say I love to learn the alphabet and Mr. Healy's math class









Pink and red paper hearts with messages on them. They say: learning, love the story books, I like Mr. Healey and Mrs. Scheuermann






Kindergartners also counted 100 reasons to love Golden Hill and being in kindergarten!

A young elementary-age boy wearing a blue hoodie has many different colored objects on a table. He is wearing a blue mask.

A young elementary age girl wearing a pink long-sleeve shirt and yellow mask counts little pink erasers. They are in little groups of 10 on the table.