Fifth-graders get in on some 100 days learning and fun

Fifth-grade students at Golden Hill got into the fun of celebrating 100 days of school, and it wasn’t just math related!

A fifth-grade girl, in a black jacket and black mask, writes on a large white poster that is tacked to the wall. It says 100 famous people.

The students were challenged to write 100 words that end in ‘ly,’ come up with 100 inventions that weren’t around 100 years ago, draw a mini picture in 100 seconds and identify 100 famous people.

Boys in fifth grade, wearing black shirts and masks, write on a large piece of poster paper hung on a wall.  They are writing on it. It says Set a timer and draw a mini picture in 100 seconds.

They stretched their creativity, bettered their research skills and had fun doing it all.

A fifth-grade girl writes with a yellow pencil on a poster on a wall. She has a printed shirt on and a printed mask. The paper says List of 100 words that end in -ly

Happy 100 days at Golden Hill!


Two fifth-grade boys look at a poster on a wall. It says List 100 things that had not been invented 100 years ago.