National Honor Society collects, donates sports equipment for Beautiful People organization

The National Honor Society at Seward recently collected basketballs, cheer equipment and bowling balls, all of which were donated to the Beautiful People program in Warwick.

Beautiful People is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 and headquartered in Warwick. It provides sports opportunities – and all the joy that goes along with them – to children and young adults with disabilities, ages 5 and up. The participants get to experience the fun of being on a team and the pride of contributing to one.

Eleven high school students lined up against a wall, They are all holding papers. Three toward the beginning of the line are holding a blue banner that reads National Honor Society on top and S.S. Seward Institute on the bottom in gold. In front are a bunch of basketballs on the floor.

The National Honor Society approached its members to volunteer with the organization to assist with the various sports programs. The program needed equipment for the current season’s sports, so the members solicited donations from their families and the school community. It was a wonderful response!

This is the first year NHS has worked with Beautiful People but they plan to continue with the partnership. They will be collecting baseball and softball equipment for the group come the spring.