Golden Hill second-graders use creativity to learn about coins

Each year our second-grade students learn about money, specifically coins, as part of their math curriculum.

This year, the lesson was expanded by having the students create their own store filled with products they themselves created from art supplies! They decided what products they thought would be popular with their classmates and went to work making them. Each student made two products. There were beautiful snowflakes, useful sleeping bags for toys, fast-flying airplanes and seasonal decorations. Some of the creators offered coupons to make money go a little further and they made commercials to publicize their products!

A second-grade girl wearing a pink patterned shirt and mask, holds a green tree made of construction paper.

A younger elementary student with shor dark hair, glasses and a black mask and green shirt stands at a table counting coins.












The students received the equivalent of $1 in play coins. Each of the items made was priced at 50 cents or less allowing the students to buy two items.

An orange basket holds paper decorations of evergreen trees, snowmen and other winter scenes. There is a sign that says Winter Wonderland 45 cents

A blue basket filled with white paper cut into snowflakes. Next to it is a sign that says Snow flakes 20 cents








They decided which products to buy and figured out how much they would cost and what their change would be from their $1. They had to figure in their coupons too!

A young elementary girl wearing a green shirt and multi-color mask holds a bag of cut up paper and a cup with play coins.

This was a great math activity but it also challenged the students creatively!


Three second-grade students stand holding paper products they created like a sleeping bag made from construction paper, a basket filled with different colored papers.