Golden Hill’s Thankful Parade is a glorious success

What excitement on Tuesday, Nov. 23 at Golden Hill!

Our students had read Balloons Over Broadway and watched videos about the  Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It inspired them!!

Three older elementary students carry a white banner painted in multiple colors that says Thankful. A boy in front is wearing a multi-colored knit hat and a mask, a girl in center has a pink sweatshirt, black mask, glasses, and a boy in back is wearing a green mask and a blue and orange jacket

The excitement was palpable while they were building their ‘floats’ in class. This was a student-driven project – they designed the route and determined what floats they would make. They even made the banners!

A group of three boys push a box made into a float. The boys are dressed in winter jackets and all have masks. There is a yellow Picachu balloon behind them and a woman in an orange sweatshirt

The research, collaboration and teamwork were incredible! Happy Thanksgiving to all, from our Golden Hill family to our entire Florida family!