Florida schools map out curriculum for Next Generation Learning Standards

Like school districts across New York, Florida schools are engaged in Phase II of a three-year plan for implementing the new ELA and math Next Generation Learning Standards (NGLS), adopted by the Board of Regents (BOR) in September of 2017.

Phase II—spring of 2019 to summer of 2019—involves building organizational capacity and advancing standards-based professional development.

In partnership with Orange-Ulster BOCES, FUFSD faculty and administrators have been looking at the students’ learning experience and the district’s K-12 educational organization. The goal is to integrate Florida students’ needs and strengths in the process of ELA and math curriculum mapping to deliver deeper learning experiences.

“Curriculum mapping is an ongoing process,” said Melanie Lofaro, OU-BOCES coordinator of professional learning, who has been guiding the effort at Golden Hill and S.S. Seward. “We are looking at the changes from Common Core to the new ELA and math standards as more of an evolution, and thinking of new ways of teaching based on state assessments, as well as what we know about our students’ strengths and areas for growth.”

The new learning standards emphasize rigorous and deeper levels of understanding that promote lifelong learning; and balancing conceptual knowledge with hands-on learning to develop adaptable skills, such as creative and critical thinking, communications and collaboration.

“We are increasing real-world connections and engaging our students in the kind of learning that will best prepare them for the college and career paths of the future, reflecting changes in the market and work places,” said SSSI Principal Michael Rheaume.

Phase III of the BOR’s timetable begins in September of 2020 and calls for the full implementation of NGLS-aligned instruction.