Warm and cozy, the chicks arrive at Golden Hill

One of the most exciting projects of the school year happens in the kindergarten classes each spring – it’s when the chicks arrive!

A white box with a plexiglass top holds many eggs in it.

The kindergarten classes received eggs in late April from Cross Creek Farm in New Hampton. They were placed in their warm and cozy incubators in the classrooms and the students learned about their development.




A new chick emerges from its egg, wet and unsteady.

A new chick, still wet, stands up next to other eggs that have some cracks in them. In the background there is a thermometer on its side with the temperature at 100.









Incubators must stay at a steady 100 degrees Fahrenheit for the  chicks to hatch. Too hot or too cold, and the eggs won’t hatch.


A group of little chicks - yellow, black and multi-colored - are huddled in a box with a light bulb above them and a water bottle next to them.


It would take about three weeks for the chicks to develop in their eggs. And then it started to happen. Little cracks in the eggs. One, then two, then more. Bigger breaks running down the side of the egg. A beak broke through. Some feathers. Then the chicks emerged!

A kindergarten girl with dark hair in a bun on top of her head smiles as she holds a little yellow chick in her hands. She is wearing pants  that have stripes on this and a rose colored shirt.

The students were amazed! Within a day of emerging, the chicks were fluffy and dry and walking around in their little space.


A kindergarten boy wearing a black t-shirt with told writing holds a black chick in his outstretched hands. He has short dark hair and is smiling.

The kindergarten students were so happy to hold them, so carefully and gently. Just a few weeks before, these were different colored eggs. Now, they were living chicks!

Soon the chicks will go back to Cross Creek Farm to live the farm life!

A kindergarten girl with long dark hair pulled back in a ponytail, wearing a blue and light blue sweatshirt holds a yellow chick in her hands. She is smiling.