Technology Department Update

The Florida Union Free School District is proud to be a 1:1 mobile device District, integrating technology into daily school and home life. Students use robust Chromebooks with touchscreen displays and tablet modes responsibly, ensuring readiness for learning at school. Protecting children online requires awareness of potential dangers.
Recently, the District observed a rise in Chromebook damage. The TechnologyTech Department presents to English class on technology Department actively educates students on Chromebook care and cyber security to ensure optimal daily usage. Training focuses on proper handling, storage, temperature control, and shutdown protocols. Cyber security lessons cover safe communication, protecting online identities, and recognizing phishing attacks.
Additionally, a new Damaged Device Form is introduced for reporting issues. It requires details on how and when the damage occurred, along with a parent/guardian signature, ensuring alignment on the circumstances when returning the device to the IT department. See the form here: Florida UFSD Damaged Device Form