St. Patrick’s Day boosts school spirit at S.S. Seward

Student council poses for a photo before their classmates enter for the rock paper scissors tournamentThe high school and middle school student councils hosted a St. Patrick’s Day Rock, Paper, Scissor Tournament throughout the school day on March 15. As students entered, members of both student councils greeted them and gave them green bead necklaces. High school Student Council President Stephanie Reicherter even dressed as a leprechaun for the occasion! 

Throughout the day, students wore the beads and challenged one another to games of rock, paper, scissors for each other’s beads. At the end of the day, the middle and high school student with the most beads won a special prize.

Myles Dwydko won the middle school prize, a $25 gift certificate to Fresh Fusion Smoothie & Juice Cafe, by winning with 52 beaded necklaces. Danny Fuentes won the high school prize, a $25 gift certificate to Central Deli, by winning with 48 necklaces.

Mariah Sullivan and Dom Pascullo, the middle and high school Student Council advisers, respectively, shared that the day was a wonderful success and a great way to boost school spirit and make memories with all of the students. They both hope that this will become a new S.S. Seward tradition!

student and principal Michael Maesano play rock paper scissors during St. Patrick's rock paper scissors tournament Students dressed in green hand out bead necklaces to students for rock paper scissors tournament Students are dressed in green for St. Patrick's Day