Seward’s birthday celebrated by students, community

Florida Union Free School District students from Mrs. Maura Ronan’s social studies class were on hand for the annual Seward Day program, held at S.S. Seward Institute Saturday, May 19.

The program is each year to salute the life work of the Seward family, and specifically, William Henry Seward, past Secretary of State and Governor of New York. Seward grew up in Florida and Auburn.

The students presented a wreath to be placed at the Seward Memorial and entertained those in attendance with a slide show of their virtual field trip to Seward’s Museum in Auburn. Gary Randall of the Florida Historical Society was the host and gave a great background on Seward’s achievements.

The community-wide celebration also included a village art show of birthday cards created by Golden Hill Elementary School’s first and fourth grade students. “Happy Birthday William Henry Seward” cards featuring facts about his life were displayed at the Florida Public Library and local businesses.