Golden Hill’s Winter Concert

Last week, Golden Hill students performed for their annual winter concert. The program consisted of 4th-grade band, 5th-grade band, 4th-grade chorus, 5th grade chorus, a combined group of all 4th and 5th-grade chorus,  a 5th-grade select choir, and the famous World Drumming Club! Band students performing

The 4th-grade band, holding 32 members, performed “You’ve Probably Heard This” by Band Instructor William Couture, and the 5th-grade band of 23 members orchestrated “Aztec Sunrise” by John Edmondson and Rio Bravo by B. Pearson.

The elementary school choir students performed both light-hearted pieces like the “Turn off Your Phone Song” and “Cold Snap”, and thoughtful pieces like “Child of Peace”, and “Luli Luli”, a Ukrainian folk song wishing for peace the world over.  The students are well on their way preparing for their spring concert, which will be on May 29th! Chorus students performing