Golden Hill Announcements

Setting a morning routine

The beginning of the school day can be a chaotic time.
Here are some tips to help keep a  routine.
  • Get as many things together the night before as possible.
  • Have your child put their backpack by the door with their school folder inside. (If possible, place their snack inside of the backpack too!)
  • Help your child pick out their outfit for the next day and lay it out.
  • Have lunches/water bottle in fridge ready to go.
  • Don’t forget instruments on band day and sneakers for gym.
Think about the morning and adjust your child’s wake-up time based on what they need to have happened to be ready for the day. If your child can roll out of bed, get dressed, eat some breakfast and brush their teeth in 15 minutes, then let them sleep.
If your child needs some time to eat breakfast while zoning out to a short cartoon, wake them up 20 or 30 minutes earlier than when you want them to start really getting ready.
Personalize the routine and look for one that sets everyone up for a great day!
Thank you,
Marlene Lysack, Golden Hill Elementary School Nurse

Student Success

Student safety and a sense of belonging play a critical role in the learning process. That is one reason why we value our partnership with families so much. We know that by working together our efforts to create a positive learning environment for all students will be more successful.

Starting this month in October I will be visiting classes to talk to students about ‘growth mindset’. I plan on reading an engaging book and connecting the theme of the book to our school’s theme of “I Can Learn Anything!’

Thank you for all you do to promote our theme.

Debbi Lisack, Golden Hill Principal