Extracurricular clubs and activities

Florida Union Free School District offers a variety of clubs and activities for students of all ages.

High School/Middle School | Elementary

S.S. Seward Institute

Art Club

Advisor: Lucy Duquette

A club for students that focuses on the contributions of the arts in the school and community. Students have the opportunity to experience art-making year round. High school students only.


There are a variety of athletic opportunities for our middle and high school students. Visit our athletics page for more details.

Book/Library Club

Advisor: Vanessa Baron

A club designed to enhance students’ reading habits and to provide an opportunity to read and learn new things.

Chess Club

Advisor: Brian Slevin

Learn to play chess; compete among themselves; foster logical thinking skills and have fun.

Culinary Club

Advisor: Brittany Smith

Students will participate in cooking activities, while focusing on safety, measuring, and cooking techniques. Students will learn about good nutrition, planning and preparing meals and reading food labels.

Debate Club

Advisor: Brian Slevin

Teaches members how to research and articulate arguments and clarify ideas. A fun way for students to develop their oracy skills. Helps students with critical thinking and confident communication.

Diversity Club

Advisor: Joseph Montemarano

A club that helps students accept themselves and others for who they are. Helps to promote diversity of all kinds: race, culture, gender and disability.

Golf Club

Advisor: TBD

Students will learn the basic rules of golf, golf etiquette and will have the opportunity to play on local golf courses in the spring.

HS Drama Drama Club

Advisor: Nicole Ecker

Students will gain appreciation for theater, both acting and production. This includes stage terminology, working on acting skills, set building and costume/makeup design. Students will put on a play/musical performance. As it gets closer to the performance dates, rehearsals will be scheduled more frequently.

MS Drama

Advisor: Christian Deas

Students will work collaboratively, building trusting relationships in order to put on a school show. They will be exposed to acting techniques, learn different theater terminology, singing techniques, and many other aspects of being an actor on stage. As it gets closer to the performance dates, rehearsals will be scheduled more frequently.

Literary Magazine

Advisor: Tracie Moon

Students will publish short stories, poetry, and essays, along with literary criticism, book reviews, biographical profiles of authors, interviews and letters into a magazine.

Music Club (Strings Club)

Advisor: Mark Visconti

Promotes student participation in the contribution and enjoyment of their musical abilities. Students share their passion for music.

National Honor Society

Advisor: John King

NHS is a nationwide organization for high school students in grades 10-12. It honors students who have excelled in scholarship, leadership, service and character. Membership is invitation-only.

National Junior Honor Society

Advisor: Nicole Sullivan

NJHS is a nationwide organization for middle school students in grades 6-8. It honors students who have excelled in scholarship, leadership, service and character. Membership is invitation-only.

Newspaper Club

Advisor: Tracie Moon

An academic club that teaches students the importance of good journalism. Students publish a quarterly newspaper.

Pep Band

Advisor: William Couture

An ensemble of instrumentalists who perform at events, often athletic, with the purpose of entertaining a crowd.

Running Club

Advisor: Marisol Arcidiacono

For students who enjoy the sport of running. They will be helped in mastering healthy training habits. Walking/running can boost your brain power, improve sleep, kick start your immune system, and keep you in good health.

Science Club

Advisor: Stephen Petrisko

Provides an opportunity for students to learn about different scientific disciplines, conduct experiments and participate in various scientific activities.

Select Choir

Advisor: Mark Visconti

A highly select group of singers. Students learn the aspects of music such as pitch, tone, melody and lyrics. Students are expected to perform several times per year, as well as singing the National Anthem at assemblies and graduation ceremonies. Students are selected by audition only.

Senior Enrichment

Advisor: Barbara Scheibling

For students who are at the top of the senior class academically. Students participate in field trips with other senior enrichment groups throughout the surrounding area schools.

Ski Club

Advisor: TBD

Gives students of any level the opportunity to ski or snowboard as a group. The club takes trips to Mountain Creek, NJ. Students must have their own ski equipment and must purchase a ski lift ticket through Mountain Creek.

Spanish Club

Advisor: Victoria Tartaglione & Ally Secord

Offers students exposure to the Spanish speaking world and its rich diverse cultures.

Stage/Select Band

Advisor: William Couture

Students who enjoy playing an instrument have an opportunity to collaborate with other students. They get to display their talent at a concert.

Student Council — High School

Advisor: Dominick Pascullo

Open to all High School students, this council consists of both elected and non-elected members who work to provide fun and engaging events throughout the school year for the students of SS Seward. These events include school dances, pep rallies, spirit weeks, fundraisers, community events, and giveaways for the students. The student council gives students an opportunity to develop leadership and interpersonal skills by organizing and carrying out these school activities. The HS Student Council meets typically every other Wednesday in Room 206. Please see Mr. Pascullo for more information.

Student Council — Middle School

Advisor: Mariah Sullivan

Gives students an opportunity to develop leadership skills by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects.

Trap Team

Students learn basic rules of firearm safety and exciting competition trap shooting. All equipment is provided by the partnering sportsman’s club through the coordination of the Minisink Valley Central School District.

Video Club

Advisor: Brian Slevin

Provides students with a variety of diverse opportunities to create video projects.


Advisor: Francesca Allen

This is an art credit class that is taken during the school day. All activities focus on the construction of the yearbook. Taking pictures, coverage of all Seward Events (before, during, and after school day), setting up all picture day events and distribution, drawing layouts, cropping photos, writing, computer editing programs, interviewing/public speaking, advertising, design, sales, accounting, and typing copy are all activities that club members undertake. If the class does not fit your schedule you can still be a part of the yearbook club and will be assigned duties in aiding in the completion of the yearbook.

Youth Ending Hunger

Advisor: Janice Bonagura

This group collects food and raises money to donate to local animal shelters and food pantries.

Youth in Government

Advisor: Wendy Anderson

The program offers students the chance to learn first hand about the democratic process. Students participate in mock conventions, propose laws through committees, run elections and also shadow elected officials. The program runs primarily in the fall when the students take part in the Platform Convention in October and the Steering Convention in November. It is a unique program for Orange County students.

Golden Hill Elementary

American Sign Language (Enrichment)

Advisor: Brian Slevin

Students will learn basic sign skills, including the alphabet & numbers, and begin to build a vocabulary of close to 200 signs. Concepts covered include introducing yourself, exchanging information, describing places, identifying feelings and emotions, and talking about your surroundings. Information on deaf culture and awareness will also be integrated into this class.

Beekeeping Club (Enrichment)

Advisor: Darren Fogarty

Honey bees are so important to the survival of humans. They pollinate valuable crops for us. Without honeybees, we would be left with doing all the pollination of flowers ourselves, by hand. Hobbyist beekeeping is a way to help ensure the success of honeybees by inspiring the next generation of beekeepers.

Build-It Stem (Enrichment)

Advisor:  Darren Fogarty

Young learners do best when learning by doing. The ability for children to explore and learn by trial and error is invaluable. We learn from our mistakes, and can improve what we do. This class will allow that exploration.

Cartooning (Enrichment)

Advisor: Nick Camia

During Mr. Camia’s Art Club, students will focus on using some of his favorite mediums. Students will be creating new projects and focusing on painting, cartooning and printmaking. In painting, students will create a painting on a large canvas. While cartooning, students will explore cartooning techniques, while focusing on illustrating popular cartoon characters and creating their own cartoons. During printmaking, students will learn specific printmaking techniques, producing multiple prints.

Kindness Club (Enrichment)

Advisor: Jill Dawydko

The kindness club was called S.P.A.R.K. (Students Performing Acts of Respect and Kindness). During each meeting students participate in project based activities that center on helping others. We come together to use our talents to create items for local charities, enrich our environment, and show support and gratitude for our community. We work together to make a difference while we learn to respect each other through teamwork, and embrace the joy of
spreading kindness!

Safety Patrol

Advisor: Kristin Risedorph

Safety Patrol is a select group of 5th graders who help ensure safety in our hallways as we enter the school for the day. In this leadership role, students take pride in keeping our school safe while being kind and helpful to all students.

Post Office

Advisor:  Nick Camia

Students at Golden Hill learn how the Post Office works with their own inter-school Post Office. Each student can send mail throughout the school year to their friends or the faculty at Golden Hill. Every fifth grade student has the opportunity to work at The Golden Hill Post Office during the school year, learning to work together while they sort, stamp and deliver the mail throughout the building.

TREP$ (Enrichment)

Advisors: Linda Shute/Heather Beneat – Beth Verblauuw (parent volunteer)

TREP$ is a project-based program designed to help students create and start their own businesses.

World Drumming

Advisor: Kristin Risedorph

World Drumming Club is a fifth grade auditioned experience that allows further exploration and performance of drumming styles from around the world. Learning the deep cultural significance of these styles, we explore how these different ensembles make a sound in our hearts and bring joy to our community.

Youth Ending Hunger

Advisor: Kara Rolando

Youth Ending Hunger Club at Golden Hill is a service organization that collects food for our community. It is comprised of second and third grade volunteers. We make monthly donations to the Florida Food Pantry.