Eighth grade students host mock career fair

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” While some students know the answer to this inquiry, for many it can bring up more questions than answers.  

Student presents at mock career fairStudents in Brittany Smith’s eighth grade careers class recently dove into this question to investigate potential career paths that interest them. After creating a brochure, poster and presentation from what they learned, the students put on a mock career fair March 15. Other students and teachers had the chance to ask questions and learn from the students’ research. Career paths explored include interior design, broadcasting, automotive technology, environmental economics and more. Some students even came in dressed like professionals in the field of their choice. 

Following the fair, students shared feedback on the project. Some students noted that it was important to pick a career that really interested them and research it thoroughly to be able to answer all the questions they received from visitors. Others recognized that the experience helped them learn how to speak clearly to others and be more confident and enthusiastic when presenting. 

Principal Maesano speaks with students at mock career fair“I hope that students could see how their own personal interest can be put into a potential career path,” shared Smith. “Right now, their research could help them make choices in high school courses and electives.” Coming up, Smith’s students will apply this research to investigate where they could learn the skills needed in their area of interest after graduating.  

“This was my first time doing this project, so I can only see this getting bigger each year,” Smith said.