Cards make a difference to veterans

It’s an annual event – S.S. Seward Middle School Student Council members sponsor a Veterans Day card-making event. The cards are presented to the veterans at the Polish Legion of American Veterans’ (PLAV) breakfast in Pine Island.

A blue tablecloth with cards set up on it. The one in the front says Thank you with an American flag on it.

Francesca Gallardo, a middle school art and humanities teacher, brought the cards to the PLAV to set up for the breakfast when one of the veterans in the building stopped her.

“Are you a teacher? Did your students make these cards?” he asked.

“Yes, the middle school student council does this every year, with the exception of last year,” Ms. Gallardo said.

He replied, “You tell your students that a veteran thanks them for taking the time to show their appreciation for us.”

We thank you, sir, for your service to our country.

A table with a red tablecloth with handmade patriotic cards set up.