Board Appoints New Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Spindler

The Florida Union Free School District Board of Education is pleased to announce that Dr. Lisamarie Spindler will be our next Superintendent of Schools beginning July 1, 2023.

Dr. Spindler is an accomplished educational leader and an Orange County resident of almost 30 years. She is excited to join the District as the new Superintendent. Dr. Spindler’s vast experience in strategic planning, financial management, policy development, and innovative program design make her an excellent addition to the District’s executive-level leadership team.

Throughout her career, Dr. Spindler has held various leadership roles, including Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Assistant Superintendent of Finance, and Superintendent. In these roles, she has actively participated in innovative changes to curriculum and programs across multiple school buildings and hundreds of staff members. Her passion for curriculum and ability to implement positive improvements in building procedures have earned her recognition in the field.

Dr. Spindler is also experienced in engaging in strategic planning and maintaining a large school district’s budget. In a prior leadership role, she successfully maximized revenue and reduced contract rates, enabling her to maintain a no-increase tax levy while sustaining programs and maintaining fiscal solvency. She has built strong and stable teams that foster trust and transparency while providing growth and development opportunities.

As an educational leader, Dr. Spindler understands the importance of providing developmentally appropriate programs and practices for young adolescents. She aims to create a highly personalized culture where caring, respectful, and nurturing relationships are the norm. Her goal is to promote trust and positive relationships among students, teachers, staff, and administration while balancing academic goals and priorities that develop students’; minds, bodies, and talents. Dr. Spindler also values ongoing professional learning communities, which celebrate successes, address problems, and create alternative ways to assist students’ success.

Dr. Spindler lives in Orange County with her two daughters, Gianna and Scarlett. Her extensive experience and dedication to educational leadership make her an excellent fit for the Florida Union Free School District, and she is eager to start her new role as Superintendent.