16 S.S. Seward students receive Sojourner Truth Award

14 of the 16 Sojourner Truth recipientsSixteen S.S. Seward students received a Sojourner Truth Award from SUNY Orange this year. One of the 16, Tahnia-Marie Rucker, also received a $2,500 scholarship award at the ceremony.

The 34-year-old recognition program honors students in grades 6-12, and encourages college attendance. Categories include citizenship, sciences, mathematics, technology and creative arts.

The student support team at Seward, including school counselors, psychologist, social worker, nurse and administrators, nominated students who excelled in one of the award areas.

Principal Michael Maesano shared, “We hope that students are encouraged to see themselves as future college students and are inspired to go on and achieve great things at the collegiate level.

Rucker, who did not know she was a scholarship recipient until the award ceremony, was surprised and grateful for the award.

“It feels amazing to know that people see what I’m doing,” she shared. Rucker, the sophomore class president, is a leader in the school, always looking for ways to help others. She looks forward to sharpening her leadership skills at the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) seminar this summer. Rucker also tutors fellow students, is involved in the yearbook, and plays junior varsity volleyball.

Eighth grader Andy Cotes Aguilar received the Sojourner Truth Award in the mathematics category. With dreams of becoming a civil engineer, Cotes Aguilar says math is something he will need on a day-to-day basis. “I work hard every class and always ask questions to understand things I don’t know,” he shared. 

Congratulations to all of the award winners from S.S. Seward:

  • 6th Grade – Nya Oladipo (Citizenship), Gianna Hernandez (Perseverance/Effort)
  • 7th Grade – Austin Vargas (Sciences), Tamia Fulton (Perseverance/Effort)
  • 8th Grade –  Andy Cotes Aguilar (Math), Chloe Williams (Perseverance/Effort)
  • 9th Grade –  Sandra Sanchez Rojas (Math), Dominic Reyes (Math)
  • 10th Grade –  Alexander Vargas (English), Tahnia-Marie Rucker (Citizenship)
  • 11th Grade – Christian Rodriguez (Technology), Caley Dillard (Creative Arts)
  • 12th Grade – Christopher Best (Citizenship), Alicia Ward (Citizenship), Maria Garcia (Perseverance), Nicholas DeLarm (Citizenship)