Updates from Superintendent Jan Jehring

Dear Florida Union Free School District Community,

Over the course of the year, we have improvised and adjusted to provide in-person instruction, athletics and activities to the extent possible under the current health protocols. Teachers have found innovative strategies to reach in-person and remote learners. Students and parents have cooperated with the schools as we navigated opening schools in the pandemic. In order to keep
the community informed as we enter the final instructional period of the school year, I have several updates to share with you.

Florida UFSD will be closed on Friday, May 28: Given the extraordinary year and the availability of emergency days, the board of wducation has adjusted the district calendar to extend the Memorial Day weekend to include Friday, May 28.

S.S. Seward Middle/High School Principal: The board of education appointed Ms. Susan Moore as the middle/high school principal effective July 1, 2021. Ms. Moore, who has been the assistant principal in the district for 18 years, brings extensive experience to this leadership role. She has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to helping students succeed. As we continue to address the health and safety issues of the pandemic, the continuity that Ms. Susan
Moore is able to provide is critical to the reopening plans. In the next month, the district will begin the search process for an assistant principal.

NYS Department of Health Interim Guidance for In-person Instruction: On April 9, the New York State Department of Health released Interim Guidance for In-person Instruction at Pre-k to Grade 12 Schools during the COVID-19 public health emergency. The district is reviewing this guidance. Since we currently offer in-person instruction every day and are able to maintain six feet of distance, there will not be significant changes to the plan. Any recommendations that are identified, will be prepared and shared with the public. Feedback will be gathered and the board of education will review the recommendations for approval.

Updated Interim Guidance for End of Academic Year Celebrations During the COVID-19 State of Emergency: The interim guidance released on April 12 from the New York State Department of Health is currently being reviewed and the schools will announce plans in May.

2021-22 Budget Hearing: The Florida Union Free School District budget hearing will be held on Thursday, May 6, 2021.

School Budget Vote and Board Election: Will be held on Tuesday, May 18.


Jan Jehring
Superintendent of Schools