Superintendent Larry Leaven looks forward to connecting and working with the community

“As the world we live in is so unpredictable, the ability to learn and to adapt to change is imperative, alongside creativity, problem-solving and communication skills.”

-Alain Dehaze

August 2, 2021

Dear Florida UFSD Community,

Thank you for such a warm welcome to the district. During the interview process, I had the privilege of meeting students, parents, teachers and staff, Board of Education  and community members. Each shared their unique perspective regarding the FUFSD and their hopes for the months and years ahead. Since being hired, I have had the chance to sit with Superintendent Jan Jehring over many days. Her passion for this community echoed as she shared information that will ensure a smooth transition. I wish Jan continued health
and happiness as she moves on to her next adventure.

My journey to Florida has been an interesting one. I have had a variety of experiences – both at the building and district levels, domestic and international, public and private — that have afforded me the opportunity to shape, change, and impact teaching and learning for students, teachers and the wider learning communities in which I have served. In all of my experiences, the one common denominator to success has been an engaged community. I am excited to bring what I have learned from my past experiences to this community and I couldn’t be more excited about what lies ahead.

In the coming weeks I will be meeting with as many members of the FUFSD community as possible. These connections will help to shape our collective work in the coming school year. I understand that we are still navigating challenging times, however, my hope is that together we will find powerful, child-centered ways to support our students and families. In addition, linking our teachers to professional supports and resources is critical for their ongoing success and the success of our students. We appreciate your support and flexibility as we navigate the coming weeks.

The greater demands and changes taking place in our society and world certainly influence the work we will need to engage in at every level of learning.  I am looking forward to working together with district administrators and teachers to examine our current programs and practices with an eye toward thoughtfully seeking out room for improvement. It is clear that all of us must work together — educators, parents, communities, universities, and the private sector — toward the common goal of developing well-rounded students who are confident and prepared to take on whatever they may encounter in the world.

There is much to do and I look forward to working with you and with our students this year. I welcome your feedback on our instructional programs or any district issue and, should you need to contact me, I can be reached through email or by phone.

…the journey continues!

Larry Leaven