Seward student tests positive for COVID-19; no direct contacts, building remains open

November 13, 2020


Dear School Community:


We were notified that a student who attends S.S. Seward Institute tested positive for the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).  Since the student has not been in attendance, there are no promixate or direct contacts from the school.  After consultation with the Orange County Department of Health, no further action by the district is required at this time.


The most important things you can do:


  • Make sure your child wears a mask.
  • Make sure your child washes his/her hands.
  • Keep your child home if ill.
  • Call primary care provider if you or your child has symptoms of COVID-19.


Thank you for understanding that, due to medical privacy laws, we are not able to release the names of the individuals with COVID-19. We will continue to communicate changes and updates with you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Orange County Department of Health at 845-291-2330.  Thank you for your cooperation.


All schools and buildings in the district will continue to operate on a regular schedule.  Thank you for your attention to this important information.  The health and safety of the school community remains our top priority.



Jan Jehring

Superintendent of Schools