Seward Coffeehouse concert highlights student talent

A high school male in a Spartan logo sweatshirt plays guitar on stage. A girl plays guitar and one sings on stage S.S. Seward’s got talent, and it was showcased at the school’s annual Coffeehouse Concert.
It’s a fun and popular event, but it’s also a terrific learning experience, said music teacher Mark Visconti.
“I started the Coffeehouse Concerts about ten years ago to give students at Seward a stage, an

Four students play guitar on stage

outlet to express themselves, and most importantly and opportunity to learn what it takes to put on a show – the practice, preparation, and performance,” said Mr. Visconti.
Each year, a few months prior to the show, students sign-up to perform. There are weekly rehearsals, and over the years there have been singers, musicians, dancers, a few comedy acts, and even a few faculty members. All are encouraged to take part, from experienced musicians to those new to performing.
“As a teacher, my goal has always been to use music to help build confidence in a student,” says Mr. Visconti. “Whether it’s learning an instrument or performing with a group, this gained confidence transfers to other aspects of their lives, both socially and academically.”