September is National Attendance Awareness Month

Every Student Present is a public awareness campaign developed by the New York State Council on Children and Families. It is intended to help families, school leaders and communities understand the importance of consistent school attendance and the impact of absences on student learning.

A pre-k boy in a floppy fishing hat in the sunshineParents/guardians, you can go to for helpful resources, including short videos, on these important topics:

• Boost your child’s confidence: 

There are times when getting children to school can be a struggle because children are anxious. They may feel uncomfortable being in new situations or feel uncertain about their ability to get along with others. This section describes times when children may worry about school and offers ways you can work with your children to help them feel more comfortable and confident in new situations and settings.

• Keep your child on track with school work: 

Children who are struggling with schoolwork can become frustrated and look for ways to avoid going to school. Our goal is to provide them with the support they need so they feel good about learning and good about themselves. Parents and teachers need to work together to help children can succeed in school and feel connected.

Two elementary girls in plaid at a cafeteria table.• Effects of health on school attendance:

There are times when children need to miss school due to typical childhood illnesses. Learn how to reduce the amount of time your children miss school due to health concerns.

• Protect your child from bullies:

Children may want to stay home from school if they are being bothered by bullies. This section provides information on how you can learn if children are being upset and what you can do to support them.