Science is everywhere at Golden Hill Elementary

Golden Hill Elementary is awakening interest in science through an interactive STEM program that helps students see and experience science in their everyday world.A group of students use straws to blow air at sand in a plastic container

Collaborative STEM scope (science, technology, engineering, math) activities are designed around a driving question that invites observation, comparison, and reflection. A hands-on component encourages students to explore and share ideas, solve problems and make predictions.

Recently, Mr. Hoyt’s second-graders applied the basic steps of the scientific method while rotating through three STEM experiments with a driving question in mind: How can wind and water change rocks and soil?  A teacher instructs a group of students working on an experimentReading step-by-step procedures, students used spray bottles, straws and containers filled with water and sand to emulate water and wind erosion on rocks and soil.

One student spray water on a try of pebbles while two others look on“We learn new stuff and get to feel and touch things,” Mikey said. “Science experiments help us learn new things and it’s making us smarter,” Kaylee added.

Working in groups, they introduced variables to their experiments, discussed and illustrated the changes they observed in small drawings, and wrote down their findings and reflections.Two students collaborating on a worksheet

“We get to try new stuff to see how it reacts,” said Jaelynn. “It makes me think about being a scientist.”

STEM’s multi-disciplinary  approach is also aligned with the New Generation Learning Standards and reflects a growing, combined emphasis on learning, literacy and life skills.

Students sitting around a table discuss their observations during an experiment