S.S. Seward Principal’s Corner

September 2020


We are back in action as we begin the year remotely, and change to our hybrid model on Tuesday, 9/8/20.  Regardless of the learning environment you have chosen, working hard at learning and being present and involved remain as the foundation for success.  Show up and be great!

As you know, we all must wear masks and practice social distancing at all times while on school grounds.  We want to stress this requirement and know we will all do our part to keep each other safe.

Our school day will run from 7:57 a.m. to 1:47 p.m. each day.  There are no after-school activities or late bus at this time.  Students must exit Seward at dismissal.

Changing of classes will be staggered by announcement.  Please follow your teacher’s directions and do not leave class prior to being dismissed by an adult. We must maintain social distancing at all times. As you move from class to class, please go directly to your next class. Hallways will be closely supervised to ensure that you do not congregate between classes.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided for free to all students. You must order lunch via the form being released each day. Lunch will be delivered to the location you are eating in. You will not be able to buy any food or drink here in school and microwaves are not available for your use.

As a reminder, we are not using lockers this year.

School will be different, yet everything that makes Seward our school, our home away from home, is here. We are all so excited to see you, no matter the forum. We are here for you, we love working with you and your success is ours. Show up and take advantage of the opportunities provided to you.

Parents, please continue to check our webpage, ensure you receive SchoolMessenger alerts and stay involved with your child.  We can do this!

Charge that Chromebook everynight…

Looking forward to a fantastic school year,

Ms. Moore & Mr. Rheaume


July: Seward’s Good News

It’s in the mid 90’s outside, a stark contrast to the weather in March when we last saw each other at Seward.  We remain hopeful that we will be able to safely reopen for September.  

Our Governor, the Department of Health, and the NYS Education Department have issued guidance and deadlines for decision making about reopening of schools across our state.  We are actively seeking public input via our survey, which was sent out last Friday. Please be sure to answer the survey to help us in planning.

The guidance we received calls for social distancing, the wearing of masks by everyone who comes to Seward, hygiene measures such as frequent hand washing, mask cleaning and temperature checks.  These measures may seem extreme.  All are proven to protect each of us and it is our shared responsibility to keep each other safe and healthy.  Please know we will be doing everything we possibly can to keep our students, and colleagues safe.

You are a critical piece of this collective effort.  We need you to keep your child home if they don’t feel well, have a fever of 100, or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.  Daily temperature checks and wearing of masks will become the norm as we navigate the virus and a return to school.  Please understand how important the personal responsibility we each take is.

While more decisions remain to be made, know that our plan looks to have all students in school everyday.  The day will be different, school will be different.  Riding a bus will be different.  

As we move along, I will update this message to reflect current guidance and any decisions made at the State and Federal level.

Meanwhile, please be safe, and enjoy the summer.  I have been challenging myself to become more anti-racist through professional development and reading and trying to improve my woeful (at times) golf game.  Be kind to each other.

Go Spartans!
M. Rheaume

June: Seward’s Good News

Spartan Nation,

Equity, safety and peace to you all. I hope you have taken time to talk to your child(ren) about the pandemic and the horrific events in Minnesota. The ensuing protests and violence across our nation must provoke us to examine our own thoughts and behaviors. Only together can we bring an end to inequality in our nation.

Our social studies teachers will be sending resources for our kids. No grades, no requirements, just thought-inducing items to help them navigate the turmoil we are all witnessing. We hope you read them as well and engage in positive conversations with them.

June is here  and we see this unique school year coming to a close. We want to thank you for helping us make these last few months meaningful and safe for your family and others. Our community has taken care of each other so well.


  • June 10: Last day for our senior class.  All assignments will be completed at this time (exceptions apply to some college courses).
  • June 12: Last day of new instruction for students in grades 6-11.
  • June 18: Students in grades 6-11 complete all assignments and hand in any outstanding assignments.

Marking period four progress reports was made available on June 3.

Teachers will remain available during online office hours until June 18.  From June 22-25, teachers may post optional enrichment activities for students who wish to further explore subject areas of interest.

Students will be holding onto their Chromebooks for the summer months, with the exception of our seniors. Please be sure to take care of these devices so we are ready for our return to school. As in the past few months, we will follow official guidance for reopening plans.

Your patience, support and engagement have been remarkable. We are all very fortunate to be members of the Spartan Nation. Please be kind, compassionate and strong as we forge ahead to create a safer, more equal country for our children to live, grow and succeed in.

With Spartan Pride,

Michael Rheaume

March: Seward’s good news

Longer days, sunshine and moderate temperatures have made these last few weeks so nice.  All of the spring-like weather is welcomed by us all! And, oh by the way, it is March—four more months are left in the school year…

I must say I was saddened by the low response we saw from our community at our March 2 vaping and e-cigarette forum.  We had two parents attend, which was much fewer than I had hoped for. As a community we are bound together by our children.  We hold these forums to keep our kids safe and to provide timely information for our community so that our partnership grows stronger, all while keeping our children safe.  We will continue to offer these forums and I hope to see many of you at our next one, planned for later this year, covering social media and screen-time pitfalls. Come out and learn Spartan Nation!

We are in the midst of finishing a historic basketball season.  Alexa Roach has become our all-time leading scorer in basketball—congratulations to her and her family, teammates and coaches.  Her example of hard work, team and sacrifice should inspire us all to do our best everyday. The Lady Spartans play on March 5,  at 5 p.m. in Middletown, in the next round of the playoffs.  Put on some orange and blue and come cheer them on!

Friday, March 13,  marks the midpoint of the third marking period.  Please be sure to check the parent portal and Google classroom to ensure your child is on track and doing their best in school.  We offer peer tutoring, after school help and other programs to help—give a call and we will see what we can do to help!

Do your best to guide, advise and assist your child in growing.  Urge them on, let them know they are loved and cherished and the sky’s the limit.  Together we make a huge difference—let’s keep working together to ensure our kids have bright and successful futures.

Hoping to see you soon in our school community, be well, wash your hands and Go Spartans!

M. Rheaume

February: Seward’s good news

We are back at it after a long and relaxing weekend to kick off February.  Last Thursday we held a Winter Pep Rally that was a bucket load of fun.

Students playing basketball in the gym.

Our Spartan Spirit and pride always puts a smile on my face.

Another reason to smile is our newly named after school help program called “Spar-Time” (thanks, Mr. O’Connor).  Link to it here.  It takes you to a spreadsheet with teachers listed alphabetically  and the program dates.  Please have your student take advantage of this program to help them complete homework, prepare for quizzes and tests, and to keep up their great work in school.  Questions? Please let me know.

Coming up…

Feb. 19 – Our tenth graders will begin working on their genocide project. They will investigate past genocides, create a museum walk and do their part to end genocide around the globe.

Feb. 26 – members of the High School Chorus (with Mr.Visconti, music director) will be attending the broadway show, Dear Evan Hansen on their yearly New York City trip.

Feb. 21 – The 2020 Coffeehouse Concert will take place at 7 p.m. Led by Mr. Visconti, it is an evening of Spartan talent and entertainment.

March 2 – PLEASE join us on Monday, March 2, at Warwick Valley Middle School to learn more about vaping/Juuling and e-cigarette usage. These unhealthy devices have made young people sick, addicted to nicotine and, in some cases, cost them their lives. The program begins at 7 p.m. Please make it a priority to be there!

Please stay involved in your child’s education, ensure they understand that HARD WORK WORKS! And that we are all part of the Spartan Nation!

Go Spartans!

M. Rheaume


Mr. Rheaume’s January Message

January 2020

Welcome to the New Year!  Spartan Nation keeps rolling on our journey to student success and happiness in 2020.  Our continued partnership in guiding our children to succeed and grow remains as the glue of our community as we look to the new year with excitement and hope.

We are well into the second marking period, which ends the first week of February.  Please be sure to check your child’s grades and progress in school on a regular basis to ensure they are passing their classes and preparing for the next step of their life journey.  The link to SchoolTool and the parent portal is on our website.

January will see our basketball and cheer-leading teams in action, while we also have a swimmers and divers showing off their skills in the water.  Middle School Drama Club continues to rehearse for “Aladdin,” and we have numerous students looking to take Regents exams in two weeks. Our seniors are hearing from colleges they have applied to, and many are finding out that hard work pays off as they have gained acceptance into their “dream” school.  Congratulations to all of our seniors as they prepare to leave Seward and begin anew in college, the military or the workplace.

Please continue to be involved in your child’s life and education, check-in on them, ensure they are using social media properly, and talk to them about staying away from unhealthy habits, such as vaping and e-cigarettes.  We all benefit from your parenting and high expectations for your child. Thank you for all that you do to send us kind, well-prepared young men and women.

See you soon and GO SPARTANS!

M. Rheaume