S.S. Seward hosts annual Veterans Day celebration

During a Veterans celebration in the school gym, a group of Veterans sits in the middle of the room while another addresses the audience.For the fifth consecutive year, the S.S. Seward Institute hosted a school-wide Veterans Day celebration on Tuesday, Nov. 12, to honor those who serve.

Rows of American flags lined the Veterans’ path into the Seward building where everyone gathered in the school gymnasium. The ceremony began with a warm welcome by Principal Michael Rheaume and an a Capella rendition of the National Anthem by the Women’s Select Choir, under the direction of Mr. Visconti.A Veteran speaking form a podium looks sideways at students standing by. She is his grand-daughter.

Air Force Training Sargeant Messina told students how he felt the call to serve following the 9/11 attacks, while studying at Seward. He encouraged all to serve their community regardless of what their future brings. Other Veterans in attendance were Mr. F. Fuller, Mr. T. Fuller, Mr. J.R. Pillmeier, Mr. B. Scott, Mr. & Mrs. R. Heter, Mr. J. Ellis, and Mr. G. Kleveno.

Following addresses by the event’s speakers, students filed around the room to greet and thank each Veteran in person.

“Our hope for this annual event is that students get a firsthand sense of the service and sacrifice of our service men and women and say thank you in a very personal way,” Principal Rheaume said.A group of veterans poses over a row of balloons and spread of food.

Before parting, the day’s honorable guests were treated to a commemorative breakfast sponsored by the Student Council and the National Honor Society.