S.S. Seward 9th graders going remote from Friday, Jan. 29 through Friday, Feb. 5

Dear Florida Union Free School District Community,

Last evening we were notified that two students have tested positive for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

One student attends Golden Hill Elementary School and has not been in attendance. As a result, there are no proximate or direct contacts from Golden Hill.

The second student attends S.S. Seward and attended in-person instruction this week. After consultation with the Orange County Department of Health, the students and staff who are determined to be a direct or proximate contact with the positive individual have been instructed to quarantine for 10 days from the last date of contact.

Based on the large number of employees who are under the quarantine, the District is unable to staff all in-person classes. In consideration of the circumstances, all instruction for grade 9 students will be held remotely through Friday, Feb. 5.  All other grades at S.S. Seward will follow a regular schedule. Individuals who are under a quarantine will follow the quarantine
protocols and return when the quarantine period ends.

Thank you for understanding that due to medical privacy laws, we are not able to release the names of individuals with COVID-19. Please remember that we can help stop the spread of illness by following the guidance of the Orange County Department of Health including hand washing, avoiding gatherings, wearing masks and staying home when ill.

I would like to thank parents for your cooperation. It is very clear that the community support you have shown has allowed us to keep our schools open for in-person instruction. We will continue to work together to quickly respond to any positive cases and limit the spread of the virus.

Again, starting tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 29, all 9th grade students will participate in remote instruction through Friday, Feb. 5. All other classes and programs will follow the regular schedule. Starting Monday, Feb. 8, 9th grade students will resume in-person instruction.


Jan Jehring, Superintendent of Schools