Numbers Don’t Lie: A Community Forum for Drug Awareness, Dec. 16

graphic for a community forum on drug awarenessParents of school-aged children are invited to participate in a Community Forum for Drug Awareness on Monday, Dec. 16, at 7 p.m., at the Warwick Valley Middle School.

Why it matters

  • 30% of high school seniors say that heroin is easy to obtain; 13% of eighth-graders agree.
  • 90% of prescription drug addictions start in the teen years.
  • 27% of teens think that using painkillers to get high is safer than using street drugs.
  • Opioid related deaths in Orange County are three-times higher than in any other county in New York State.
  • Prescription painkillers claimed more American lives than any other drug in 2014.

About the forum

Community leaders and experts in drug addiction and prevention will facilitate  a discussion about the growing availability of drugs to school children and what parents can do to help keep kids safe.


Warwick Valley Middle School
225 West Street
Warwick, NY