Masks will still be required until future guidance received; high temperatures may adjust school schedule

June 4, 2021

Dear Florida Union Free School District Community,

As we approach the end of the school year, I have some additional updates to share with the school community.

Masking: Late this afternoon, it was announced that New York State Department of Health is recommending changes to the masking protocols. While the announcement requests changes on Monday, June 7, the district has not received the specific guidance yet. I am sure we will learn more over the weekend about the process. As a district we will review the guidance, recommend adjustments and take the appropriate steps to make changes. I will keep you informed.

Weather: We are currently watching the weather forecast for early next week. In particular, we are concerned about the forecast of high temperatures for multiple days in conjunction with limited air conditioning in the schools. The schools will be open for in-person instruction on Monday but I may need to make an adjustment to the schedule based on the anticipated temperature in the buildings. I will make the decision Sunday evening once we receive an updated forecast.

I will be in contact with you over the weekend with an update on these topics.


Jan Jehring
Superintendent of Schools