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Welcome to Tech Bits! This is a new column where each month we’ll share technology, math and science news.
Recently, Middle and High School students at S.S. Seward Institute received a new Chromebook. For the first time here at Florida, each Seward student has a Chromebook to use. Students can also take their Chromebook home with them each day, so they’ll never be without access to technology and information they need.
Students and their parents/guardians received individual instruction on how to use and care for Chromebooks, but some questions have popped up. Here are answers to some of the questions we’ve fielded most recently:

Why doesn’t my child’s Chromebook charge to 100 percent?

Out-of- the-box and brand new Chromebooks have protective software built in that prevents them from overcharging. Chromebooks appear to be charged to just 50 percent or 60 percent when indeed they are fully charged. Given about one to two weeks, the software corrects itself and the Chromebook will show a charge of 100 percent.

Why can some websites be accessed but others are blocked?

While Federal laws and regulations require us to block certain websites, there are other sites that might contain questionable content, be a security risk or provide non-educational information. Each Chromebook is managed by the district’s web filter. Access to sites change as updates to the Internet and web filter populate each day. This could explain why students may not have access to certain sites.

What if my child forgets to bring the Chromebook to school?

Chromebooks store documents and other information in the cloud, so students can access their work by visiting one of many Internet-
based solutions such as G Suite. Homework can be done on a Chromebook, home computer or even with a smartphone. If a student forgets the Chromebook at home, we have a limited number of loaner Chromebooks available for loan in  the Seward library.

Where can I find help if I have a Chromebook question?

The Office of Technology, Math and Science has set up a special email account for questions, suggestions and concerns. Email us at TechBits@floridaufsd.org and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
You can also call 845-651-3095 x30015.