Golden Hill students celebrate Plant-a-Flower Day

March 12 is National Plant-a-Flower Day and it surely was celebrated at Golden Hill Elementary School! Students from all grades planted marigold, strawflower, sunflower and aster seeds to help beautify their school and the results were seen pretty quickly. Within a week, there were sprouts – and much excitement.

A small girl with a yellow shirt and hair band as well as a light mas holds her hands open as someone pours seeds into them. A small cup of dirt is on her desk.



National Plant-a-Flower Day is celebrated annually as a way to encourage people to get ready for spring by planting flowers. It encourages folks to go outside and enjoy the good weather. The kids at Golden Hill certainly did!

A second grade boy in a short-sleeve red shirt wearing a mask plants his seeds in a small cup of dirt.Five packs of seeds sit on a desk. The packages have brightly colored flowers on them.A girl with long dark hair and a maroon shirt and blue mask uses a small yellow watering can to water her seeds in a small cup of dirt.Twenty small cups of dirt sit in a box. All have seeds planted in them.